The East Coast Chapter held a one-day meeting in the Washington DC area on September 20th, 2016.

Our Conference attendee fee was only $99, and included breakfast, lunch and snacks.

Want to join the East Chapter? If you’re not already an ISL-FD member, all you need to do is complete the two minute membership application via the link on the menu bar.

The East Coast Chapter held a meeting in Gaithersburg, MD on September 20th.  They had 125 attendees and sponsored 7 students.

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ISL-FD would like to thank these speakers, who gave us permission to post their presentations. Click for the link:

Prof. Pikal Presentation      Dr. Bossert Presentation      Dr. Chisholm Presentation

Mr. Gudinas Presentation Part 1      Mr Gudinas Presentation Part 2

Prof. Topp Part 1     Prof. Topp Part 2

Dr. Janoria Presentation