2024 International Conference: Torino, Italy. 6-10 May

We are pleased to announce that we are planning our 2024 International Conference.  The Conference Chairperson is Prof. Roberto Pisano.  Our committees are busy working to arrange speakers, organize sponsors, and work out venue details.  Mark your calendars for this exciting event! Please feel free to contact us if you want to contribute to the conference planning efforts or sponsorship.

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18 Apr 2024 Midwest Chapter Chicago, Illinois

2024 Midwest Chapter Conference: Chicago. 18 April

Please add the 2024 Midwest Chapter Conference to your “to do” list. This annual one-day conference always has a great attendance with an amazing array of speakers, exhibitors, and student posters. 

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Thanks to our 2024 Midwest Chapter Gold Sponsors! Their funds help support our students – please visit them at the links below:

 Millrock TechnologyFindorff   | McCrone 

Pfeiffer Vacuum


2023 Midwest Chapter Conference Was a Smash! 

The Midwest Chapter’s April meeting in Chicago was a success, with 140 attendees! We had 13 student poster presenters, great presentations from industry, academia, and regulators, vendor exhibits, and even cupcakes.

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Thanks to our 2023 Midwest Chapter Gold Sponsors! Their funds help support our students – please visit them at the links below:

Findorff   |   Lyophilization Technologies   |   Pfeiffer Vacuum

Millrock Technology   |  ATS Life Sciences Scientific Products


2022 Midwest Chapter (Chicago) Conference was a hit!


The Midwest Chapter really went above and beyond this year to organize their conference.  It was great to hold the event in person again, and we had a very good attendance, with well over 100 attendees.  Some companies lifted their travel restrictions just before the event, allowing more to attend. The interaction with the students at the student posters was amazing, and it seemed that everyone had a good time. Thanks to the students, speakers, sponsors, and of course the Organizing Committee for a job well done.

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Our 2022 Midwest Chapter Gold Sponsors, Supporting ISL-FD and our mission of education:

JH Findorff, Lyophilization Technologies, Pfeiffer Vacuum

Spotlight from the past: Remembering São Paulo:  São Paulo 2013 Page

Ghent, Belgium: The 9th International Conference was a huge success!

2-6 September, 2019: ISL-FD’s 9th International Conference was held at Ghent University.  Click below to see photos, presentations, abstracts, and other information from the Conference.

Click Here for the 2019 Ghent Conference Page

East Coast Chapter Conference was held September 17, 2019.

East Coast Chapter September Conference Information Page – Click Here

Midwest (Chicago) Chapter Conference 2019

Congratulations to the Midwest Chapter for another successful Conference in Chicago! It was held on Thursday, April 11, 2019, and included a great day of industry and academic lectures, 13 student poster presentations, and 16 vendor exhibits. You can find pictures, presentations, and the brochure below:

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Midwest (Chicago) Chapter 2018 Conference Was a Hit!

Thursday, 12 April 2018: The Midwest Chapter Conference was held in Chicago at the Midwest Conference Center.

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2017 East Coast Chapter Conference

Click Here for the 2017 East Coast Conference presentations.


Havana, Cuba Conference was incredible!

The international event for the ISL-FD will took place 24-28 April 2017  in Havana, Cuba. The conference included a fantastic team of industry and academic leaders, including Dr. Michael Pikal, Dr. Steven Nail, Dr. Serguei Tchesselov, Dr. Kevin Murgatroyd, Dr. Alan MacKenzie, and included the following themes:

  • Model-based process engineering,
  • Complex molecules, cells and formulation
  • Developments and innovation,
  • Competing technologies,
  • Standards, Validation and authorities,
  • Equipment vendors

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Lima, Peru 1st Conference (LYOCON 2016) Went Very Well!

93 persons attend at this opportunity, most of them from pharmaceutical companies, others from Peruvian Institute of Nuclear Energy (IPEN), one student of Chemistry and some professors from National University of Engineering (UNI).

6 sponsors supported the meeting:

  1. CIMA, enterprise which represents Tofflon in South America.
  2. Telstar Azbil.
  3. IMA Life.
  4. H.W Kessel, Peruvian company which represents Telstar for pilot lyophilizers.
  5. Medifarma, pharmaceutical company.
  6. Fuxion Biotech SAC, company which produces nutraceutics.

Several interesting topics were discussed by different speakers:

  1. Basics principles in Lyophilization, by Ivette Novoa from Medifarma.
  2. Application of the lyophilization in radiopharmaceutical products used in nuclear medicine, by Guilmer Agurto from IPEN.
  3. Continuos lyophilization: Innovation based in science by Jos Corver from Rhea Vita.
  4. Scale up of a recipe from laboratory to industrial plant by Robert Bullich from Telstar.
  5. Wireless sensors without battery for monitoring in aseptics process by Marco Preus from IMA Life.
  6. Optimization, monitoring and control process of lyophilized pharmaceuticals based in QbD and PAT by Thomas De Beer from Ghent University.
  7. Application of risk analysis on the design and building of pharmaceutical lyophilizers and its impact in the qualification by Mario Ochoca from CIMA.
  8. Regulatory approach to produce sterile lyophilized products by Joel Perez from Medifarma.
  9. Production of lyophilized liposomes by Jorge Sassone from Improvement S.A.
  10. Lyophilization in the nutraceutics industry by Ivan Columbus from Fuxion Biotech SAC.

Into the frame of conference, those speakers representing Ghent University met together with professors of Faculty of Sciences in the National University of Engineering (UNI) and they arrived to an official academic agreement in order to collaborate each other on research and development involving students and professor from both universities. Once again, the Society has contributed with spread of knowledge of science on lyophilization.


International Society of Lyophilization – Freeze Drying Inc.

The Society is a non-profit all – volunteer organization (registered in the State of Delaware in the United States) whose mission is to promote and advance the field of lyophilization (lyophilisation) by personal interaction using the Internet and supporting programs that provide financial and/or material assistance to those who need it. It is also dedicated to the promotion of friendship and understanding throughout the International Community by conducting meetings at various locations throughout the world. Our mission includes help for students who are studying in the field of lyophilization – freeze drying.