“International Conference on Lyophilization and Freeze Drying”

The International Society of Lyophilization – Freeze Drying, Inc. held our International Conference on Lyophilization and Freeze Drying in Brazil at the Casa Grande Hotel Resort and Spa, located in a beautiful beach area of Guaruja, Sao Paulo. Dr. Jorge Sassone was the head of the Organizing Committee for the excellent event.

ISL-FD´s program started with a one day seminar given by Dr. Kevin Murgatroyd.  37 participants enjoyed Dr. Murgatroyd’s experience and knowledge of freeze drying.

We had cocktails on the balcony of the Casa Grande Hotel.  Following a banquet dinner we were treated to exceptional entertainment by “Brazilian Style” musicians and dancers.

This year’s Conference  took place October 2nd and October 4th. Dr. Steven Nail of Baxter Biopharma Solutions was the Key Note Speaker.  What followed was 3 days of well recognized scientists who shared advanced and novel papers on different applications of lyophilization. Along with the Conference, a Table Top Exhibition was held by vendors who shared their company’s products and/or services with the attendees.

ISL-FD presented the Dr. Thomas Jennings award to Laurent Hansen, and the Professor Louis Rey award to Dr. Roberto Pisano.

ISL-FD would like to thank our gold sponsor, IMA, our silver sponsor, SP Scientific, and our supporting sponsors Proquimo Improvement, LYOHELP, and T&E Analitica,

At the end of our meeting we selected our next conference location: Barcelona in June, 2015.  Dr. Enric Jo has volunteered to be the Chairperson of the Organizing Committee, and Jos Corver volunteered to lead the Program Committee.  We hope to see you there!