The following are the present Committees of the Society, their duties and their respective Chairpersons

By Laws Committee: It shall be the duty of the By Laws Committee, subject to the control of the Board of Directors, to prepare, addend, and ensure that ISL-FD is operating within the confines of the By Laws approved by the BoD.

Standards Committee: It shall be the duty of the Standards Committee to submit to the BoD in December of each year their recommendations of standards regarding terminology, units and other applicable terms used in conjunction with lyophilization when corresponding between members or in preparing publication for the Newsletter. Chairperson: Dr. Paul Matejtschuk

Membership Committee: It shall be the duty of the Membership Committee to seek the enrollment of new members in the ISL-FD. In addition it shall process all applications for society membership and maintain an up to date membership list. The Chairperson of the committee shall receive a monthly expense reimbursement, the amount of which shall be determined by the Board of Directors. Membership Chairperson: Dr. Eng. Ana Bacaoanu

Local Chapters: It shall be the duty of the Local Chapter Committee to organize local chapters of ISL-FD for the purposes of conducting local meeting and programs on topics related to lyophilization or freeze-drying. If you wish to start a local Chapter please contact Kevin Tebrinke .

Program Committee: It shall be the duty to this committee to develop and organize various programs, meetings and conferences for the general membership of ISL-FD. Chairperson: Ivette Novoa

Donations Committee: The donations committee will be responsible for evaluating for the Society all noncash contributions to the society. This committee is seeking contributions of surplus freeze-drying equipment, equipment associated with the freeze-drying process and testing or measuring instruments used in conjunction with the formulation, lyophilization process or properties of the final product. For more information regarding how your organization may benefit while benefiting others, please contact Kevin Tebrinke .

Process Analytical Techniques (PAT) The PAT Committee will take an active part in making lyophilization/freeze drying compatible with the PAT guidelines by taking a leading role in helping to set new standards and test procedures that will not only have a impact on the lyophilization process but also on the existing equipment and instrumentation. The committee is guided by a Executive Committee rather than a single chairperson. Please contact Dr. Enric Jo on how you can join the PAT committee and learn about its activities.

Society Web Site and Forum The Society web site and Forum Committee is responsible for maintaining the Society web site and Forum. If you wish to assist in these efforts, please contact Kevin Tebrinke on how you may be of service.