Director Emeritus: Jos A.W.M Corver – Netherlands
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Dr. Bakul Bhatnagar – USA
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Dr. Bhatnagar is an Associate Research Fellow-Pharmaceutical R&D at Pfizer, Inc.

Professor Thomas de Beer – Netherlands
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Thomas De Beer graduated in pharmaceutical sciences in 2002 at the Ghent University in Belgium. He obtained his PhD at the same  university in 2007. For his PhD research, he examined the suitability of Raman spectroscopy as a Process Analytical Technology tool for pharmaceutical production processes. Within his PhD research period, he worked four months at University of Copenhagen in Denmark, Department of Pharmaceutics and Analytical Chemistry (Prof. Jukka Rantanen). After his PhD, he was an FWO funded post-doctoral fellow at the Ghent University (2007-2010). Within his post-doc mandate, he worked 9 months at the Department of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmaceutics from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich, Germany (Prof. Winter and Prof. Frieβ). In February 2010, he became professor in Process Analytics & Technology at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences from the university of Ghent. His research goals include bringing innovation pharmaceutical production processes (freeze-drying, hot-melt extrusion, continuous from-powder-to-tablet processing etc.). More specifically, Prof. De Beer contributes to the development of continuous manufacturing processes for drug products such as solids, semi-solids, liquids and biologicals (continuous freeze-drying of unit doses). Thomas De Beer is also director of Ghent University’s Center of Excellence in Sustainable Pharmaceutical Engineering (CESPE) which is founded in 2016. In 2018, Thomas De Beer became co-founder and CEO of the Ghent University spin-off company RheaVita which provides a continuous freeze-drying technology for the pharmaceutical market.

Ana Bacaoanu Ph.D., eng. – Romania
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Membership Chairperson

Susan Ríos – Peru
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Dr. Paul Matejtschuk – UK
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Dr. Enric Jo – Spain
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Name: Dr. Enric Jo
Born: Barcelona, Spain. February, 13, 1959.
Professional data:
ReigJofre Group
Av. Gran Capitán nº 10
08970 Sant Joan Despí, Barcelona, Spain
Tel.: +34934806708
Fax: +34934806720
Mov: +34670054398
Email: [email protected]

Home data:
Pº Colón 8, 2º
08002 Barcelona, Spain
Tel.: +34933101415
Fax: +34932954036

I obtained the Degree and PhD in Pharmacy from the University of Barcelona. I focussed my doctorate thesis on lyophilization processes. I worked at the Biopharmacy Department of the College of Pharmacy in Barcelona for 4 years. Since 1993 I have been working at Reig Jofré Group, where nowadays I’m Plant Manager in Barcelona site and responsible for the Center of Excellence in Lyophilization. I worked as GMP Adviser for the Inspection Service of the AEMPS for four years and, nowadays, I’m coach for aseptic and freeze drying processes to the Spanish Healthcare Agency. At present, I collaborate on the ISL-FD, and I’m an active partner of associations as PDA and ISPE.

Communications and courses related with Freeze Drying:

AEMPS: Technical and Regulatory Aspects. AEMPS. Madrid, 16th December 2010.

iiR Spain: Manufacturing of Sterile Medicines. Work Shop (2nd Ed). Barcelona, 3rd – 4th, November 2010.

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PMPS Manufacturing-Nov 2010, p 62: “Guaranteeing a Quality Scale-up”. Author: E Jo.

Pharmaceutical Technology – March 2010: “Thermal Fingerprinting and its application in the successful development and optimisation of Lyophilisation processes”. Vol 22. Nº 3. Pg 26-28.

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