This society was formed as a direct result of the American Conference on Lyophilization 2001 that took place in Barquisimeto, Estado Lara,Venezuela in March of 2001. During the conference it was realized that there existed a need for a society that would permit individuals having an interest in the field of lyophilization or freeze-drying to communicate with others who share that common interest. The result of this realization was the formation of this International Society of Lyophilization-Freeze Drying, Inc.

As you consider becoming a member of this Society, please read and understand our simple Code of Conduct below.

Code of Conduct

As with any society there should be some code of conduct or social manners. Rather than make such a code mandatory, it is suggested that members following two simple rules of common courtesy.

The first is that upon receipt of an e-mail message from a fellow member of the society that you do one of two things; (a), either offer any help that you might feel is appropriate or (b), simply reply and tell the sender that you cannot be of any assistance to them. Either response should be done in a timely fashion.

The second suggestion is that if someone has indeed taken time to respond to your message and spent time in preparing an answer that you, as the sender, should reply and thank them for their efforts.

Good manners can be considered the grease of any society.

If you wish to become a member of this society, please complete the Application Form.

Membership to this society is free. There are NO membership fees required. Our only requirements are that you have an interest in the field of lyophilization or freeze drying and you are willing to correspond with others on subjects related to this field of science. No one will be denied membership based on nationality, language, sex, age, creed or affiliation.

On behalf of the current officers of the Society, I hope that you will join us in sharing your knowledge and experience regarding the lyophilization or freeze-drying process with other people around the world.


Dr. Eng. Ana Bacaoanu

Membership Committee Chairperson