News:  2015 Barcelona Conference

The Conference Committee, under the leadership of Dr. Enric Jo, formally kicked-off the organization effort.  The conference will be held in late June / early July 2015.  We will set up a web page for details and registration soon.  If you want to be a sponsor please feel free to write me at:


International Society of Lyophilization – Freeze Drying Inc.

The Society is a non-profit all – volunteer organization (registered in the State of Delaware in the United States) whose mission is to promote and advance the field of lyophilization (lyophilisation) by personal interaction using the Internet and supporting programs that provide financial and/or material assistance to those who need it. It is also dedicated to the promotion of friendship and understanding throughout the International Community by conducting meetings at various locations throughout the world. Our mission includes help for students who are studying in the field of lyophilization – freeze drying