Coming in 2017: Havana, Cuba Conference

The next international event for the ISL-FD will take place 24-28 April 2017  in Havana, Cuba. The confirmed speakers and lecturers are: Alan MacKenzie, Mike Pikal, Steve Nail, Serguei Tchessalov, Kevin Murgrtroyd, Antonello Barresi, Wolfgang Friess, Ali Afnan, Ernesto Renzi, and Peter van der Wel. The conference will be held around the following themes:

  • Model-based process engineering,
  • Complex molecules, cells and formulation
  • Developments and innovation,
  • Competing technologies,
  • Standards, Validation and authorities,
  • Equipment vendors.

Call for Papers:  You are invited to submit an abstract that can be reviewed by the Program Committee for acceptance. As a guideline, the abstract should be restricted to 500 words. Graphs, tables and illustrative sketches are allowed as additions. The closure date for abstracts is 1 December 2016. Especially for PhD students: Feel free to submit abstracts for posters to be put in the program.  Upon judgement of the Program Committee, 4 of them will be upgraded for oral presentation in the conference. The abstracts may be sent to the following e-mail address: to the attention of Jos Corver, Chair Program Committee

The Midwest Chapter Chicago conference was a big success!

The Chicago Chapter Meeting was a great success! We had 144 people, including 13 students who were supported by the chapter. 10 students gave poster presentations, and two students gave oral presentations. Professor Michael Pikal was the keynote speaker. Andrew Strongwich of Purdue won the Dr. Thomas Jenning Award for best poster presentation.  See the link for more information, including Student Poster Titles.

East Coast Chapter will meet in the Washington DC area on September 20th, 2016!

The East Coast Chapter will hold a meeting at Medimmune in Gaithersburg, MD on September 20th.  They have secured several speakers and are working on finalizing the program.  The East Coast Chapter Meeting flyer and registration can be found on the link below.

International Society of Lyophilization – Freeze Drying Inc.

The Society is a non-profit all – volunteer organization (registered in the State of Delaware in the United States) whose mission is to promote and advance the field of lyophilization (lyophilisation) by personal interaction using the Internet and supporting programs that provide financial and/or material assistance to those who need it. It is also dedicated to the promotion of friendship and understanding throughout the International Community by conducting meetings at various locations throughout the world. Our mission includes help for students who are studying in the field of lyophilization – freeze drying.