The ISL-FD grant is aimed to promote the advancement of basic and applied research in lyophilization and freeze-drying, as well as to enhance the state-of-the-art of the lyophilization/ freeze-drying technology. The grant will be given in three forms, namely the research grant, equipment grants and student aid. All grantees will be asked to make report on the utilization of the grants and scientific publication based on the research result using the grants. The research result using the ISL-FD grant has to be shared by all member of the society and the grant should be acknowledged in the publication.


The focus of the Research Grants is the unraveling of new discoveries through basic research, original invention created as a result of the execution of applied research, signification of innovations through the development of generic technologies, and applied research for the application of commercial technology in production techniques employed by industries, as well as the development of original theories that can provide deeper understanding and explanation of various phenomena in the field of lyophilization and freeze-drying. The grant will be given to individual or team researchers competitively based on peer review. Announcement on the grant application will be made available on ISL-FD website in the previous year of the grant implementation. The amount and number of the grant depends on the available budget.


The equipment/instrument grant is aimed to the promotion of advance research activity. The grants will be given to research institutions/universities with proven activity in lyophilization/freeze-drying research, in need of freeze-drying equipment to perform research whose results will be shared with all society members. The equipment/instrument can also be leased or sold to a profit making organization. Funds raised in this fashion can be used by the society to cover the costs of other programs.


Student aid is aimed to help students (graduate and undergrad), who are pursuing their degree with research topic related with lyophilization/freeze-drying. The student aid is in the form of scholarship.


Training program is a means of transferring knowledge of lyophilization process. The purpose of this program is to either send technical experts to a given institute of region to give training sessions or to have individuals travel to a location or locations for training.


The conference is planned as a forum for information exchange and closer interaction among researchers, manufacturers, suppliers, policy makers and practitioners in the field of lyophilization and freeze-drying. The symposium/conference/seminar will be held biennially by turns around the world. The result of the symposium/conference/seminar will be published in proceedings, hardcopy, CD-Rom, or website.


The ISL-FD awards will be given to individuals, groups or institution with proven distinguished activity in the advancement of lyophilization and freeze-drying. The awards will be presented biennially during the symposium/conference/seminar and announced in the ISL-FD website.

For more information on how you may apply for one of these program please contact the Program Chairperson – Dr. Armansyah H. Tambunan