The mission of the PAT Committee is to take a leading role in helping the global effort to bring the lyophilization/freeze drying process into compliance with the PAT guidelines by taking a leading role in setting standards and test procedures for not only the process but also the associated equipment and instrumentation. The Committee will accomplish this by working with other organization who share a common interest in PAT. The first such organization that the Society has joined in this effort is the E55 Committee of ASTM.

You can take an active part in this committee simply by clicking on JOIN and give your full name and correct e-mail address. By joining you will be kept informed of all the committee’s activities and take an active part by voting and expressing your opinion on any key issues before the committee.

The PAT committee is maintaining a Library where you can reference documents, publications, ballots from ASTM and voting made by the committee. Please keep in mind that PAT is an on going process and standards or test procedures should be under a constant state of review and, if necessary, revision.