All ISL-FD attendees, presenters and administrators are invited to a reception on Tuesday, September 12, 2017, immediately following the ISL-FD meeting at Pfizer (610 Main St, Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA) to celebrate the launch of the LyoHUB Lyophilization Technology Roadmap! LyoHUB’s mission is to advance the science and technology of freeze-drying/lyophilization. LyoHub’s members include companies in the pharmaceutical and food processing sectors, equipment manufacturers and university researchers, who combine their expertise and resources to accomplish the goal.

Immediate objectives are:
(i) to identify and disseminate Best Practices for lyophilization equipment performance, testing and validation and
(ii) to conduct applied research to advance lyophilization processes and products. The LyoHUB Lyophilization Technology Roadmap is a culmination of 3 years work under a grant from NIST and was made possible thanks to assistance of over 100 contributors.

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We hope that you are able to join us for the celebration on September 12th!